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Boxed candles - Luxury Christmas Scent Frankincense & Myrrh

A beautifully festive Christmas candle in a matt black glass with a gorgeous star and snowflake design in gold or silver. This luxury scented candle is fragranced in the premium scent of Frankincense & Myrrh. Approx burn time approx 45 hours Calon Candles specialise in luxury scented candles and long-lasting natural wax melts to beautifully...

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 Welcome to Nifty & Co

Thank you for dropping by the website. Please take a look at our growing collection and do not hesitate to message should you have any questions to ask.

Web orders from our Nifty & Co range are processed twice a week and sent as per your request or made ready for collection from designated spaces where convenient. If you prefer to shop face to face you can find me in @The Coterie 37 High Street Clydach where I share a beautiful space with a small group of local business people. 

You may notice additional links on our header which will take you direct to other eco friendly and ethical companies that I have been part of for a while and now have personal websites for you to browse and purchase. You can also request catalogues for both suppliers: Neals Yard Organic and Wikaniko Eco friendly home products. 

I offer home delivery on my Nifty & Co clothing to my local area (within 5 mile radius) and have a series of Nifty & Co meet ups booked throughout 2022 with the first being in February.

There are more changes to come as I prepare for 2022 and onwards and I hope you can come along with me, we can ride the ever changing shopping environment together.


Zoe @ Nifty & Co