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Mid month update - Eco friendly items from Wikaniko

How are you all doing? I really hope the return to school is going well for you and your little ones (and the big ones), an anxious time for many. It's going well on an appointment basis at the shop and you seem to enjoy the time you have to yourselves when you come in. I have to say that the welcome at The Cross has been just lovely and it's such a relaxing place to be. Even my plant has produced babies so there's definitely a good vibe going on. Getting more chilled by the day.

I just wanted to update you on the Wikaniko front (what's that? I hear you say). I have been a member of Wikaniko for 8 years (longer than I have had a shop) and have been keeping my kitchen and bathroom supplies topped up through the last 6 months with their wonderful products, cleaning products, feminine care, gifts and the fab Who Gives A Crap loo roll and kitchen roll.

I have a separate page for the business and the link is and the facebook page is Eco Home Store with Nifty&Co if you want to take a browse - the website front is probably the best starting point. I try to place a monthly order and catalogues will be available from the shop as soon as they arrive.

That's all I needed to let you know...:-) Thanks for your time.

Onwards we roll towards October <3 

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