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Welcome to Nifty & Co

Thank you for visiting the site. 

Hope you are all well and life is kind of normal and flowing...isn't it weird looking back on the last 6 months? I feel shopping is certainly changing and to be honest it's long overdue. I hope that new ideas will foster new and more ethical choices across the spectrum of products we purchase for ourselves and our homes. I have witnessed this happening with the choices customers have made such as to shop local and shop for more ethical products too. 

I am so grateful for all the support I have received over recent times after being forced (not just covid) to totally change my business model. By increasing on line products and working on a more personal shopping experience I find I am happier and growing in different ways. As a small business it's very hard sometimes to have your voice heard on line or on social media as there are so many louder people out there - despite rumours that really isn't me ;-)   -  so thank you for your recommendations and word of mouth advertising.

There has always been an interest in fair trade and ethical brands here, whether that is fashion or home-ware and we have some amazing suppliers in our portfolio. There will be a few additions on the way again as I have taken time to check more products for you in recent weeks and slowly adding these to our website and other channels.

Best Wishes