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December update




That was a ride! The last month of the year is upon us, it came along pretty quickly too in what has been a busy 2023. I hope you are all prepping yourselves for your own kind of Christmas and will enjoy some soirees and gatherings with friends and family. Definitely a quiet one here with plenty of relaxing, parlour games (sounds a bit weird that) and long chilly walks. 

The last of my deliveries has been made and the rails are looking fabulously low, this time of year my aim is to be as low on stock as possible in preparation for a fresh start in the new year. So, many thanks from me for all your last minute purchases and I hope you managed to grab some bargains. Look out for the new goodies which will start to arrive very soon and changing those rails over to LOTS of new things for Spring. 

I will be finished for Christmas break on 22nd December and back to it on January 8th so until then - hold fast, stay strong and enjoy your Christmas and New Year <3

Cheers and much love

Nifty & Co



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