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May 2024


Above item is the Milan trouser and halter neck - sold seperately but you can get both for £50 at Nifty & Co @The Coterie 37 High Street Clydach


Something has got to give soon surely? The glimpses of sun we have had make such a difference to the general ambience of life so it's about time it came along and remained for a few months. There are so many new frocks, sandals and sunny outfits available now -  it's just unfair that the sun isn't playing ball. I suppose we need to bring our own sunshine to the proceedings so I hope you are enjoying the new footwear section on the website. They may make you think of holidays and warm evenings sipping your favourite cocktail sat outside with your friends....hmmmm I am dreaming here.



You can find a new array of sandals, bags and outfits which are only available on line. These are available to order now and delivery is straight to you - I even tested it myself! 

We will be having our late night event at the beginning of June so keep a look out for the date and fingers crossed you can join us for a little laugh and catch up.

The website has got busier in recent weeks so the google bots are starting to work and it's good to know that my little business is up there on the searches getting beautiful things out to beautiful people.

Feel free to share the website - the more you browse and share the better exposure I get on line - all the big boys n girls get lots of media attention and advertising by local news sites on social media and I think it's about time us small ones had a chance to be advertised to the general public. I may not have the backing that big corporates do but I assure you just one order on line or in store makes my heart and soul happy.

Still here, still growing and still loving it  - THANK YOU





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