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February 21 and all things Spring

We made it,January has gone and now the shortest month will take us right into Spring and I can't wait. The daffodils showed their heads this weekend and it is lovely to see colour begin to rear it's head in our gardens, we all need a bit of sun on our bonces. As of February I will now be in my shop/office space on a Tuesday and a Thursday for collections of any orders received via website/facebook/telephone call etc.

There have been some huge changes on the high street in recent weeks with major brands selling out to on line retailers (they had no choice) and the potential for job losses in the bricks and mortar shops is greater than ever, this is a sad situation but I think we could all see it coming from the first moments of March 2020. 

I believe I have made enough change at present to keep Nifty & Co healthy and working whilst also keeping customers safe. There will be more changes to come but also opportunity for us to spread our wings. For now we will continue to be click and collect or local delivery, then when permitted it will be back to appointment basis in Pontardawe and normal shop with necessary control measures in our shared space with our buddies in Clydach at @The Coterie. 

There are plans afoot and if we were all given the green light now the Niftiness would be right back in full swing I can assure you but it's all under a little blanket of fleece until the time is right.

Onwards we go, stay safe, stay healthy and I can't wait to see you.



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