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April 2021

You put your left leg in, your left leg,out, in,out - It's getting on my pip now folks! Hope you are all ok out there and still smiling through. Fingers crossed the better weather (like last year's Spring) will keep us moving forward. It's end of financial year and decision time has been used wisely. It's been difficult to know what to do for the best but I am so glad I have remained in Pontardawe with my little space of calm, relaxation and chilled out opportunity to try and browse (when we are permitted to open properly). It has however been lovely to see you on your collection visits and I think a mix of this and appointment visits is how things will be in Pontardawe.

Thankfully we will be able to open @TheCoterie week commencing 12th April and you can call in to browse everyone's goodies and a collection of beautiful Spring/Summer items from Nifty & Co. It will be a pleasure to have a day during the week where I can be shoppy and kind of socialise for a change :-)

Enjoy April, watch the flowers bloom and feel the days that have a hint of warmth about them. It's onwards and upwards (again). New Mudd & Water selection is being added to the website and the first thing added is that beautiful tunic we have all come to know and love...this year with a bright fish print! 

Stay safe



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