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Spring update

Having taken a break in recent weeks it's back at it with a bit of gusto. Lots of new things arrived as soon as I got home and these are ready for some sunshine ...just like me. 

New fair trade palazzo pants, maxi skirts and some crazy dungarees from our beautiful ethical supplier Emma. The biggest block printed bag, ideal for days out is now in and some pretty little note books to record your rambling wonderments. I shall get all of these on the website as soon as I can for you. 

I also had the new season Patchouli Fair dresses delivered including some fabulous silk kimonos in amazing colours. The dresses are on line now and there is an introductory code for 10% off your chosen frock. Use code PATCHOULIFAIRY10 at checkout.  I see these beautiful ethical cotton dresses as a lifelong love, a bit like a Laura Ashley number - one that will stay in your wardrobe for ever. This gorgeous cotton dress is called Blossom and available in 2 colours and 3 sizes.




Stardust kimono with tiny mirror sequins to let you shimmer in the sunlight (or moonlight)


I had some interesting conversations while I was away, which will mean some fabulous additions to the website and a big change in what I am able to offer you as a local and on line supplier of ladies clothing and accessories, it's very exciting.

In the meantime I need to knuckle down and get these new things online and then move on to the new range. For those who have not joined the mailing list for things like seasonal colour charts and offer codes please get in touch and I can add you to the next one at the end of April.

Have a great April and here's to some warmth and sun.

Behave folks





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