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August 2020

Hoping that this new month sees you healthy and happy. It's been a great start to the first month back in the new space with appointments working well and it's just lovely to have allocated time for people. I have also returned to colour analysis sessions which needed some tweaking but we got there. This month also sees me back at @The Coterie space too and I am looking forward to seeing regular faces. On line has kept me busy and relatively sane and despite one of suppliers suffering a horrendous fire in recent weeks they are back up and running and I can now add to the home-ware range - they really have pulled out all the stops to get themselves out of a devastating situation. It really made me think how many people have been through extra trauma during recent months and doing whatever they can to keep working, keep earning and maintain their pragmatic outlook on life, family and work. I salute you. 

As we begin to see the start of Autumn/Winter ranges appear spare a thought for my addled brain that is now trying to get around ordering for next Summer - it's just not computing at the moment. Anyway, if you haven't had chance to request to join the mailing list please do, especially if you are contemplating including more ethical wear into your wardrobe. I am starting a 'Thoughtful' club here at Nifty and if you join up there will be offers available on sustainable and ethical ranges in order to help you make decisions working towards a more thoughtful shopping process. I don't bombard emails and newsletters - shouting about isn't the Nifty way so rest assured you will receive a low key approach :-)

Just off to sort the August email and offer, look out for new season landing this week.

Have an easy August and enjoy your down time if you have some



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