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Autumn/Winter New season stock

It may not feel very Autumn like at the moment (which is lovely) but it's definitely feeling it in the shop. In this clothing game it's usually deemed correct to order way in advance but since moving and changing everything over I no longer have over 100 garments arriving in September for Winter - far less stress for me and life is so much easier. The new season Goose Island has started to arrive and it's a great mix of transitional styles to see you right into the colder months. We have some beautiful dresses, loose fit styles aswell as fitted, tops, tunics, magic trousers etc. As we move further into September you will see further additions from another Wales based designer and also new jewellery and homeware items (some are available to order on line now).

As soon as we are back to normal here I will be popping our gathering dates out there so we can get back to our little soirees and perhaps we may need them more than ever this winter. 

I hope you have all kept well and remain happy and I look forward to seeing you soon somewhere with a coffee and cake :-)

Best wishes to you all from



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