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Joyous July

I love July! Not just because it's my birthday month (me not Nifty & Co - although The Coterie has a birthday in July) but it's always been a month of refreshing/new ideas and certainly feeling invigorated about what is to come. We had a great June in the shop and I thank every single one of you who has purchased from me while that sun was blazing down on us. I am still ordering beautiful dresses in wonderful colours and you can find them in the shop now, but...

We have a new collaboration in the pipeline and very soon it's time to get on the road and enjoy a bit of fun in a town further afield, as soon as I can let you know I shall but rest assured it's going to be GREAT FUN - hard work but still just fun. I am in the process of building the new collection for this new space and I can't wait to show you. 

In the meantime I am also beginning to look at Autumn/Winter  - I Know! but with more rail space to fill I better get me flip flops off and my racing daps on ;-)

So as you roll on into your late Summer - enjoy yourselves, look forward to your plans and good times and if you fancy a frock for the frolicks call in or take a browse on line.

Stay beautiful




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