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July and August 2021

Oh dear, halfway through the month, slack aren't I? It's been a lovely July so far and June was a pretty good month full of visits and new stock. We also celebrated our 3rd birthday at @The Coterie last week and it was really good to see our partners in the shop face to face rather than just on  messenger. A little drinky afterwards too :-)

New things going on here at Nifty & Co with a new label added recently. Hemp & Hope offer a selection of simple classic styles in sustainable hemp. Here's what they have to say: 

Beautiful style doesn't have to destroy lives or the environment.

Our clothing is made from sustainable hemp fibre; one of the most sustainable fibres on this earth! Did you know even natural materials can be harmful to the environment? Not Hemp! It gives back to the land year after year and provides a plentiful source of income for rural Nepalese villages. It grows completely chemical free which means its kind to our workers and your skin! 

Skillfully Handcrafted In Nepal

Our clothing is designed by us here in Scotland and is then skillfully crafted in Nepal. The hemp we use to make our clothing grows naturally in Baglung village in the Himalayas. It is harvested there and woven into hemp textiles by women using ancient techniques. We work in small batches to ensure each garment receives the right care and attention.  

Soft but durable

Hemp is one of the longest and strongest natural fibres, four times stronger than cotton! This means your clothing will last for years to come, no need for throw-away fast fashion! It is surprisingly soft and if you treat it well, it will get softer with every wash! Doing your research and making ethical choices when buying clothing pays off in the long run for both the environment and your wallet! 

The new items we have started to receive are now on our website. The sizing is great and come in small, medium or large. As the company only produce in small batch quantities (they are handmade) we may not have all styles and all sizes available swiftly but all you need to do is ask and we can get it ordered for you. 
We recently added new bamboo underwear to our collection too so you really can be covered in ethical fabrics with items from some of the sustainable fashion business' best names. 

Re jigging how I work has been fun but it's time to put final changes in place over the coming months and I will keep you posted of the 'secrets' or 'big announcements' here...just carrying on doing the Nifty thing without fuss n bluster.

But, firstly it's holiday time. I am hoping for some good weather and winds in the right direction in order to get away on a few small trips - if the winds aren't favourable for return I could be working on line for good from the middle of the sea! Hence why this is for July and August - just in case.

Take it easy and have a good Summer -  may you have sun on your bonce and get a little chance to be in a bikini somewhere ;-)

Love n stuff



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