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June 2020

So folks, you are 6 months in, how are you doing? When I speak to my parents (as I do daily) we ruminate how fast the time has gone and if we think about Christmas time sitting together celebrating and not having a clue what was to come it just all feels more bizarre. Many of us have adapted to doing things differently and have managed to be out and about but some have been home for the last 11 weeks (maybe more) and I sincerely hope you are looking forward to gradually beginning to see others and have more human interactions. 

Many of you are now aware that there will be changes to the Nifty format once I am ready to return to work. We will be moving premises in Pontardawe to accommodate new practice and make things more personal. We have thoroughly enjoyed our time at number 8 but it is time to move on for reasons none of us can control. We have had lots of fun with Blissful Bakes and I am sad to wave them goodbye from Herbert Street, we all have to be flexible in how we work from now on and this whole period has been a test for everyone. We have continued to pay rent during the whole lockdown time and also to pay general business bills too. So despite this being a stressful time and very worrying I am thankful for your continued support and the help the business has been eligible for to enable our survival in my local community.

On line has kept me busy and I have really enjoyed interacting and sorting orders for you - and searching for things for you too! This is the service I will continue to grow and also offer a collection and viewing space with coffee/tea. I am looking forward to adapting to new shopping ways in Pontardawe and don't forget I am also part of the @The Coterie group in Clydach and will be there one day a week when guidelines permit opening. My Pontardawe space will be open when I am ready to work fully and alone which is estimated to be August (ish).

The delay for me personally is as a result of my little hospital escapade in March and the recovery period's all been happening!  I sometimes stop and have a 'flipping heck' moment but quickly move on. I am focusing on the new in all it's forms and look forward to adapting to the new retail normalities and seeing you all again soon. Hey, I may be able to touch the floor by the time I see you.


Take care, stay safe, stay strong.



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