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New things for Spring 2023

Yay! February, it may come in with a frosty bite but the signs of Spring are abound, bulbs starting to poke through, magnolia buds are bursting to pop and the birds are as tweety as tweety things, it's glorious.

The new season order has been placed with the beautiful Patchouli Fair and there's plenty of sustainable, fair trade gorgeousness to come in to the shop and on line. I am also returning to events and home shopping so look out for these to start up and if you fancy booking your own event please get in touch. I offer a host discount (or donate to a charity of your choice) and a chilled out evening of fun with your favourite people with a chance to try these beautiful frocks and also any thing else you may like from our suppliers too.

You can find some new additions on the website including a collection of essential oils, atomisers, room sprays and mala beads - I feel so happy to be re adding these esoteric products back to the Nifty box of tricks and looking forward to a chilled out and happy 2023. Fingers crossed the months to come will be as sunny and warm as they have been for the last few years and we then need no excuse to wear a floaty frock.

Have a great month and I shall update you next month on stock, joy and travels :-)

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