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2023 begins

Well, we made it! Another year in retail and still alive and breathing. It's been an unusual one but glad to say that our shared space in Clydach has definitely seen an increase in customers from far and wide, we are so grateful that people choose to come visit us.
Whilst having a couple of weeks off I have been shopping around, looking for some new goodies to add to the collection and really looking forward to what Spring has to offer us, knowing those sunny days and warmer evenings are on the way really puts a spring in your step.
I have new accessories and beautiful scented products now in and all will be available on line and in the shop and with so much to see from our suppliers seasonal offerings I am hoping to be methodical about it this year, we shall see.
Wishing all the very best for 2023, thank you for your support and I look forward to seeing you very soon.
Thank you - Diolch

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