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November 2021

Nearly at the end of the year. I hope you are all well and safe and ready to have a better Christmas than last year. I am looking forward to being with family and taking time to just 'be'.

There has been a lot of disruption in the world of retail in the last 19 months and this has obviously been at the forefront of my mind when deciding 'how' to return to a flexible and suitable level of business. I need to be able to deal with residual CES and the botherations that it causes on the odd days so have taken some long and thoughtful discussion time with my other half during the last week. I have been extremely lucky to have survived 8 years in Pontardawe in a bricks and mortar shop - from number 15 to number 8 and presently based at number 1. Never when I started as a mobile business in 2012 did I think it would last this long and I am very grateful to my loyal customers who I am lucky enough to still see on a regular basis and call friends.

I know many of you have adjusted to on line sales with me which means I still get to see you when I make deliveries or when you collect.I also see many of you in the shared space @The Coterie in Clydach which has proved to be an absolute gem of a space, run and managed by a small group who just want each other to do well.

With all this in mind I have made the decision to leave Pontardawe as my base as of the end of 2021. I can honestly say it's been an interesting and enjoyable 8 years but it really is time to change and become more agile in business. My main retail outlet will be at @The Coterie 37 High Street Clydach and all on line stock will be there to view too. The website continues to grow and will be running a lot more smoothly once all stock is in one place to pick/pack and for visiting customers to see.

I will be organising regular monthly Nifty & Co soirees  in Pontardawe with the first one on December 3rd in The Cross and then February 3rd at a different venue in Pontardawe. There will be a list of dates for 2022 and I will also be a regular weekly host at The Coterie. I have plans afoot to go further afield too so I am really looking forward to that time with friends in business in other towns. I love to be sociable and enjoy myself when I work and also aim to have more time to walk, get stronger and healthier in my body. I also have a new service to offer as of Spring 2022 which I am drafting in the coming weeks. Lots going on!

So if you can pop along on December 3rd to The Cross please do and further details of this event and also of future meet dates will be posted soon.

You know I am not one for eeks and ssshhh, news coming soon blah blah blah,  I am a think it - say it - do it person so I thought it, I just said it, so I am doing it. 

See you on the 3rd December and if we hang it out until 1pm maybe we can go to the pub!

There is nothing permanent except change

Yippee ki yay






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