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November update

Anyone else feel like we are in some kind of time warp? It's just flying by. I wish to say thank you for your visits, appointments and also Coterie visits over the past month and also your activity on my website. It's always exciting when I get an order notification and I don't think that after what is now (as of 4th Nov) 8th year of business that excitement will diminish. 

4th November was the date I opened the first shop at 15 Herbert Street before moving over the road to number 8 and now? Being in the Cross has been an enjoyable change, my work space is different and many of you enjoy the more personal service. My free time has been something I have definitely enjoyed, I actually feel like I get so much more done for myself which has been a fantastic way to recover too (not from covid I must add) and slip tentatively into a more balanced lifestyle.

I have added a few little gift ideas to the website (all one offs) and there will be some new additions to the website this week including a NEW LABEL. If you are on the mailing list then also look out for a little offer code for use on line in the run up to Christmas...oops I said it!

Have a good November - walk, eat well, smile and enjoy what is around you.

Sending you good wishes and lots of healthy thoughts



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